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We're Serious About Training

We design every training program to best fit your facility and waterfront(s) needs

We take every factor into consideration ensuring your guards are rescue-ready by the time they leave our training.

Each lifeguard receives the Red Cross LGT certification. We pride ourselves on teaching beyond the standards and requirements. Lifeguards who graduate from our course have proven to need less in-service training than other aquatic certification programs.


Jerry Reid


Jerry Reid was practically born in the water. Raised in the ocean, born to a surfing family, and having participated in many Junior Lifeguard programs throughout the state before he was 16, his dedication to keeping training programs fresh and creative is unmatched. Jerry has spent the last 25 years training lifeguards at city pools, day camps, resident summer camps, large waterfront operations and high risk motorized lake programs involving waverunners, ski boats, tubing programs and houseboat operations.

In addition Jerry has hired, trained and supervised thousands of employees across the globe and his expertise in Human Resources is invaluable to having the best staff in all of our aquatic programming.


Sarah Reid


Sarah Reid, Jerry’s wife and mother of their two children, Payton and Tyler, has been a lifeguard, swim instructor and a pool manager for more than 20 years. She is a specialist in CPR, AED and advanced First Aid. Sarah has managed youth and adult sports, aquatic programs, preschool, enrichment classes and activities, and after school programs. Throughout these various programs, she has hired, trained and supervised hundreds of employees. Currently she is the Director of a Community Services Department.




Jenna has been with the American Red Cross for the last 8 years as a Lifeguard, Lifeguard Instructor and Swim Instructor. After teaching University Swim and Lifeguarding courses in Oahu, she opened a swim school in Washington and settled in as Assistant Aquatic Director at a club pool. 2018 she joined the Top Guard Training staff as an Instructor & Pool Manager.




Mike Bowman is a Fresno State graduate with a background in Physical Education and aquatic training. A former family camp director, Mike thrives on being in the spotlight and teaching large groups. Mike excels at instruction and coaching the fundamentals of the swimming stroke and his creative approach to hydro fitness and training regimens make the Top Guard Training Program one of the most advanced certification programs in the State of California. If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best is Mike’s motto.

Over 70 Years of Aquatic Experience.

Top Guard Training offers a variety of lifeguarding services. Whether you are a student, city government agency, day or resident camp, or community-based organization we have a training program to fit your needs. We take every factor into consideration ensuring your guards are rescue-ready by the time they leave our training.