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Training & Management

For All Your Aquatic and Waterfront needs.

Training that Saves


Over 70 Years of Experience

Our trainings include real life scenarios our instructors have experienced.


Highly Skilled & Educated

Our staff has a diverse background in aquatic training and managment.


Red Cross Certified

The premiere and universal certificate needed to become a lifeguard.


Innovative Training Programs

Hands on and situation based training keeps courses fresh and up-to-date. 


Risk Management Educators

We'll work with you to point out all the risks with your aquatic center and water front.


Leaders in Aquatic Management

We've worked with government agencies and organizations to build great programs.

Over 70 Years of Aquatic Experience.

Top Guard Training offers a variety of lifeguarding services. Whether you are a student, city government agency, day or resident camp, or community-based organization we have a training program to fit your needs. We take every factor into consideration ensuring your guards are rescue-ready by the time they leave our training.